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Description: This piece was created to explore the different ways color can have an effect on the eye. I am very drawn to having strong contrasts in my work. What started to evolve looked like mother earth. The inclusion of both the black/white curve and the lines represents the construct of duality, the way we have lived our lives along with the many generations before us. For example, the notion of right/wrong, good/evil, love/hate, rich/poor. After this piece was created and reflecting on it, it signifies to me, the illusion that we have lived in for so long. This idea is slowly beginning to dissipate. If you notice, the spherical shape is not a completed one, indicating it is evolving into a new form, or a new way of life. Ultimately, truth is oneness and we are all simply souls experiencing a moment. This is the connection we have to source and the ultimate light of the world.

Dimensions: 24 x 36

Material: acrylic on canvas

Year: 2019